7th Jul 2020, 12:00 AM in Chapter 8: Saturday Knight Fever
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Author Notes:

Amazing Chris Godbey Tue, July 7th, 2020
Amazing Chris Godbey
Welp, so much for this page passing the Bechdel Test.


mitchellbravo Thu, July 16th, 2020

And re: your author comment- I once went through my archive to see how many of my pages pass the Bechdel test, and the number was discouragingly low. Then I also tried the reverse Bechdel- two guys talking to each other about something other than a woman- and that was low too. Then I remember I write mostly het romance and felt a little absolved. Anyway that's my story, thanks
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, July 17th, 2020
Amazing Chris Godbey
Yeah, I feel like certain genres or stories can get a pass on the Bechdel Test.

And just because a work passes it isn't always a mark of quality. I mean, "Manos": The Hands of Fate, of all things, manages to pass it, for instance.