by DrFurball

Chapter 5: Single-Page Version!

Nothing major, but since "Crush Test Dummy" finished up today, it seemed like a good idea to put the Single-Page Version up for the binge-readers who were waiting for the story's conclusion before catching up.

by DrFurball

Single-Page Intermission Collection!

A small site update, but, as promised, all the Intermissions to date have recieved their own Single-Page Version, which is admittedly a little odd, since they're each a single entity by definition. But now they're all in one place, like the rest of the comic, so I guess I can sleep better without that nagging at me.

by DrFurball

New Fan Art!

A lovely new piece of fan art by my friend, DrizzleDaydream, titled "That was great!" has been added to the Fan Art! section!