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Intermission: Merry Christmas!

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A double-dose of fan art!

by Amazing Chris Godbey
Two new pieces of fantastic fanart today: Liz, from DrizzleDaydream, and George, from Drew Hunter!
Check 'em out on the Fan Art! page!

New Fan Art!

by Amazing Chris Godbey
New fanart from halibabica of Chronicling Aidyn and Spelunkying: The Colossal Cave ! Check it out over in  Fan Art!
As for an update on the next chapter, titled "Donut Mess With Me"? It's still coming along, I swear.

Chapter 5: Single-Page Version!

by Amazing Chris Godbey

Nothing major, but since "Crush Test Dummy" finished up today, it seemed like a good idea to put the Single-Page Version up for the binge-readers who were waiting for the story's conclusion before catching up.